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Calendar December 2018

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Holiday Hours 2018

Monday, December 24                   1 pm to 3 pm
December 25 & 26                         Closed 
December 27, 28 & 29                    Regular hours
Monday, December 31                   1 pm to 3 pm
January 1 & 2                                Closed

Local artist Nathalie Frenière’s work is on display at the Champlain Library.

Nathalie Frenière was born in Montreal, Canada.
From an early age, Frenière expanded the range of her creativity through drawing and music.
She experimented with different forms of expression and found her true voice in visual arts.
Afterward, she followed master class painting in Montreal and Paris.
She studied graphic design and practiced this profession for fifteen years.
Now, she dedicates herself full-time to her painter’s career.
She also teaches painting classes in her studio in Vankleek Hill.
Her work has been shown in galleries and museums, and has traveled to exhibitions and symposia in Canada, the USA and Brazil.
Her oil paintings exude a quiet, calming atmosphere.She uses a palette knife and thinned oil to create vaporous, enigmatic, abstract vistas. At once representational and abstract, she paints with a serene madness that embraces both worlds.