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Calendar April 2019

Happy Easter

The Library will be closed on Friday, April 19 and Monday, April 22.

Happy Easter!

Adopt-a-Book Campaign

Adopt-a-Book and show support for literacy in your community

Show your support for literacy in our community by purchasing or “adopting” a book for the Champlain Library.  The 2019 Adopt-a-Book Campaign runs from April 1st to May 31st.  This year the library is offering many Canadian titles – some by well known authors and some by first time authors.

This is the first time Champlain Library has held a fundraiser of this nature.  “Adopt-a-Book is a way for library supporters to help us add to our collection with a gift that keeps on giving.” says Cynthia Martin CEO and Head Librarian of the Champlain Library.  “Patrons are invited to pay for one of the selected books for the library, once the book is processed, they will be able to take it home and read it first!” Visit the library to check out the selection available to adopt-a-book from. All donations must be made by cash or cheque.

New Art Display by Fran Bailey

Art Display
at Champlain Library

Fran Deragon Bailey began painting at age five in a children’s’ art class with Miss Elizabeth Jakes at Macdonald College in Ste. Anne de Bellevue. Having mastered children’s’ tempera paint and fat wax crayons she later moved on to oils, acrylics and pastels but it was with watercolours that she fell in love.

“Watercolour suits my personality. It is immediate, playful and honest. You can’t hide mistakes. Also it’s easy to clean up after.”

She has joined many art groups, workshops and classes. She has taught many classes and continues to offer lessons in watercolour because, “Teaching is learning.”

Her house portraits continue to be popular; she recently took part in the Houses of Vankleek Hill exhibition at the Arbor Gallery on Home Avenue here in town.

Fran likes to paint with music in the background; classical, jazz or rock, depending on her mood. Being a synaesthete she has a heightened sensitivity to colour, form and sound. By experimenting with watercolour she is able to combine and express all of these senses. It’s a trip!